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June 2, 2007

Chinese is without question difficult to master.

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My teachers have taught me a few phrases, I spend hours practicing, I go out and try them for real. And they don’t really get what I say… it’s a lot faster reaching the fridge to get a ‘bing shui’ by myself than trying to get someone to understand what I want.

So, why is Chinese really confusing???????
1. The basic dialect which is so different from my native language (Indonesian) and English (which I haven’t got it also, poor me huh!). I wonder..does it relate to my inability to sing? :p

2. Chinese’s tones are very difficult to be told the difference. One character has four different tones, and the meaning varies based on them. If you read/speak a Chinese word in a wrong tone, then this will cause misunderstanding. You should pay special attentions to tones and try your best to imitate Chinese on the way they speak…until yours is exactly the same. Is it easy??? definately NOT!

3. Chinese characters are very much complex. Believe me! I tried to write a character many times, and after weeks after (and you don’t use it so often), then the characters will just somehow be lost somewhere in your brain, you could only remember a bit, but it’s difficult to write it perfectly.

Going to China, like what I did, helps me a lot in learning the language. But it doesn’t solve my primary problem… I somehow find it very difficult to learn Chinese comparing to English (although I know exactly my English is still poor, but at least better than my chinese). I don’t understand why. Sometimes I feel just lost, I’ve learnt it, but it just goes nowhere.

My gadget that helps me a lot is my English-Chinese-English dictionaries (electronic)… although it doesn’t solve my speaking problem :p . I use <a href=””>Besta electronic dictionary</a>…I think it’s the BEST one and I really rely on it every time I have difficculty in speaking chinese. It has anything you want in a language learning.

If only I could get a small Chinese language brain implant………!


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